LCDR Zeke Lyons is currently a desk officer for the International Port Security Program at Coast Guard HQ’s in Washington DC.  His previous assignments have included Oregon, Hawaii, New York, Connecticut and Japan.  In Japan, he served as an International Port Security Liaison Officer where he visited ports and delivered training in more than 15 countries. 



Antigua Port Authority

Darwin Telemaque  is the Vice Chairman of the Port Managers Association of the Caribbean (PMAC). And is the only regional Port Manager with Shipping (liner), Agency and Port Management experience and the Chairman of the OECS Port Committee.  

At Present Mr. Telemaque is employed by the Antiguan Government as the Chief Executive Officer of the Antigua Port Authority (APA).  During his tenure at the APA, the port has experienced significant improvement in the operations and finances. Revenue has increased while expenses have gone down in consecutive years. 

Work has been ongoing regarding the designing of a new container terminal and every effort is being made to adopt world class standards. His many years of training and experience enables him to focus on developing sustainable efficient practices at Ports. 

He is a Certified Port Executive (C.P.E) A Canadian based Port certificate. He is also working along with the American Association of Port Authorities to obtain his international classification commonly referred to as Professional Port Manager (PPM).

Prior to assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Antigua Port Authority he was engaged by the World Bank as a consultant under the Trade Facilitation program for ACP countries. While at the World Bank Mr. Telemaque worked with experts within this field to provide solutions to Governments as part of improving their Port infrastructure with the aim of designing and implementing international best practice standards at their ports. His role at the World Bank had him engage in a number of regional and international projects. 


Darwin Telemaque,
Chief Executive Officer,
Antigua Port Authority

Darwin Telemaque, Chief Executive Officer, Antigua Port Authority

Darwin Telemaque, Continued

Darwin Telemaque

Following his brief cricketing tenure Mr. Telemaque was employed as a sales agent for Medical Air Services for 3yrs. His rapid climb to the top saw him becoming the Marketing Director of this company with responsibility for several Caribbean Islands.

In 1994 he joined the sales team at Tropical Shipping. This odyssey has since exposed him to the world of Transportation, Logistics, freight forwarding, warehousing agency and Port Management.

His tenure at Tropical started in the US Virgin Islands. He was promoted 3yrs later to the position of Island Manager for St. Kitts. His success in St Kitts earned him a promotion to the Company Headquarters in Port of Palm Beach Florida where he became the Leeward Island Sales Manager. 

While at Tropical Shipping he was exposed to various aspects of the Industry, i.e. Freight Insurance, Vessel and cargo Liability, Freight Consolidation, Warehousing, Intermodal traffic, Pricing, Tariff management, Federal Maritime Guidelines, The Jones ACT (Carbotage) and the significance of transportation to living in the Caribbean. 

As a consequence of his vast knowledge in the Transportation Industry he has played a role in advising the O.E.C.S and Caricom on Trade Transportation and logistics related matters.  In his advisory capacity has also worked along with the Cariforum during the consultative phase prior to the implementation of the European Partnership Agreement, The F.A.O, Caribbean Agribusiness Association and various agencies throughout the region.   (Go Back)

Darwin Telemaque, Antigua Port Authority

Darwin Telemaque, Antigua Port Authority